Council Member

Mary F. Gilmore-Dunn

Director, Statistics - Office of Management Information, Mississippi Department of Education


Post Office Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
Tel: 601-359-3863; Fax: 601-359-2027

Francie Gilmore-Dunn is a product of the Wayne County (Waynesboro), MS Public School System, Jones County Junior College, and the University of Southern MS, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. She has been employed with the State of MS for thirty seven years.

Francie’s professional passion is with Numbers. Being employed for twenty-two years with MS Department of Human Services allowed her to collect, analyze, and report statewide data on abused and neglected children, children in agency’s custody, Therapeutic and Long Term Foster Care, Termination of Parental Rights, or a form of Permanency Planning. Human Services allowed her to opportunity to be a part of one of MS’s largest data collection and reporting projects; MS Automated Child Welfare Information System (MACWIS), from formal JAD/RAD sessions, design to deployment, managing an initial $11.5 M dollar budget for the project.

That experience feed right into MDE. She transferred into the onset of the development of one of the nation and five territories, largest statewide comprehensive education systems that had ever been developed by any state; MS Statewide Information System (MSIS), an initial $3M project. While currently employed with the State Department of Education, Director of Statistics, she currently represents the state as the EDFacts / Common Core of Data (CCD) State Coordinator. In this role, she is responsible for the collection, fact finding, and reporting of all state data that have to be submitted through the Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN) portal to the United States Department of Education (USDE); regular, special, gifted, and vocational education and financial school year data. She loves what she does with data and is a firm believer that accurate data can orchestrate sound decisions. It is something that we must have to prepare our K-12 children successfully for the future, if their Dreams are to become REALITY.